It’s beeeeeeeeeginning to look at lot like Christmas! After all, it IS December 16th and Christmas is already next weekend!

Big news- we moved! Just when I had lost all hope that we would be celebrating Christmas in a new home we got an offer on the house out of nowhere and we ended up in a fast closing situation. We found a *perfect* house and moved at the beginning of this month. It was all meant to be. Needless to say, between all the packing/unpacking/organizing Christmas preparations have been on the back burner and my usual six weeks of festivities have been squished into the last few days.

I hosted a Christmas cookie exchange this weekend and I needed to whip up some delicious treat to swap with my friends. Last year I made these drool-worthy Gingerbread Cookie Cups with Eggnog Cheesecake Filling. They were amazing. In fact, about a month ago I may have found a stray one in the deep freeze… and I ate it. And, 12 months later, it still tasted amazing.

Although I would have been happy to make the same treats again I thought I should switch it up. After a little pin-spiration search I stumbled upon these Peppermint Mocha Cookies by Sally’s Baking Addiction. I mean, what is more festive than a peppermint mocha? I had to try them and oh am I glad I did!

I have mentioned before, I am not the best cookie baker. But, these cookies! Oh, they were good! I highly recommend this recipe. Chocolate cookies can often turn out dry. This recipe creates heavenly cookies with a rich fudgey consistency. Almost like a brownie, but less cake-like. I’ll be using this chocolate dough as my go-to base for chocolate cookie adventures from now on. Oh, the possibilities!

I followed the recipe with just one little tweak.. and one little hiccup.

THE TWEAK: Chocolate chips

The original recipe calls for semi-sweet chocolate chips. When a recipe calls for chocolate chips I reach for my big jar in the pantry. I like a mixture of chocolate when it comes to the chips- so I added both regular and mini sized semi-sweet and milk chocolate chips. Really takes the chocolate taste to a whole ‘notha level. I would recommend!

THE HICCUP: Peppermint Extract.

I had all ingredients on hand except peppermint extract. The store was all out of it when I went to pick it up (”tis the season!) so I had to substitute peppermint oil. I hadn’t worked with flavouring oils before and the clerk advised me that it was highly concentrated and to only use about half of what the recipe called for. Yeah, no. I doubled the recipe and expected to add 1 teaspoon total of the extract to my dough. I added about half a teaspoon and knew I had overdone it. My eyes burned a little from the strength and my sinuses were cleared right out. The dough was on the brink of disaster. But. Thankfully it was salvageable. It was very, very peppermint-y but it was alright. Unfortunately you just couldn’t taste the espresso at all. It was more-so a chocolate peppermint cookie than a peppermint mocha cookie. Regardless they were still tasty, tasty. Next time I won’t use more than a drop!

Sally recommends not decorating the cookies if freezing. As these were for the exchange I needed to freeze them so they would stay fresh. I went ahead and decorated them anyway (because, really, they just wouldn’t have the same allure without the chocolate dip and candy cane sprinkle) and they held their beauty through the thaw and still tasted delicious.

Find the full recipe HERE

Happy Baking! Wishing you a wonderful Holiday season

❤ Kochiemama