BRRR! We woke up this morning to a winter storm warning. Yes, already. On October first. Yesterday was a beautiful 24º and I wore short-shorts for what will probably be the last time this year #insertsadface. We are expecting 15-20cm of snow in the next 24 hours and I wouldn’t say I’m happy about it. Fall is lovely- Winter is not my favourite. 3 Weeks ago we were still pushing 35º! It’s just all happened so quickly and I’m not ready!

But, enough complaining. No one can control the weather.

hello october

I started September with a fresh get-back-on-track attitude and committed to some Fall Resolutions . I would say that I started with my best intentions but as the month wore on I started to fall back off track. The continued hot weather got the best of me and I slipped back into those lazy summer habits, and, overall it was a very busy month. Here’s how I did:

  1. Meal Plan For The Month As A Whole
    Well, I rocked at the planning! I had the calendar filled with 30 different meals using what I mostly already had in the freezer and pantry and utilizing leftovers with no repeats. Buuuuut, I didn’t rock so much with the following through. Week 1 went perfectly. Week 2 went ok- I missed a couple of plans. Week 3 and 4 were pretty non existent. As soon as I am done this post I will start working on October.. Hopefully I will do much better this month!
  2. Cut Grocery Spending- Save $50 Each Month From The Budget
    This was a tricky one this month. I needed to do a big pantry re-stock and we were running out of all those expensive household things like laundry soap, dishwasher soap, paper towels and toilet paper. I did, however, manage to ring in $44 under budget- YAY!! All money saved from Groceries between now and the end of November will go towards Christmas.
  3. Reconnect With Yoga- Go 4 Times/ Month 
    I went the first week!! It was GREAT! My balance and strength were not what they used to be but I thought I kept up pretty well. I didn’t make it again after the first week, though. The hubs worked late a few times so it didn’t work out and the last 2 weeks of the month were super busy and it just didn’t work out to go again. I’m not giving up on this though- I stopped in and purchased a 20- class punch card this week so I am pre-paid and good to go for at least until the end of the year now 🙂
  4. No Coffee Until After Breakfast
    This one was to get myself to eat that all-important meal of the day. I would say overall I ate breakfast more times this month that usual, but I didn’t eat every morning. But, the morning I didn’t have breakfast I didn’t have coffee either so I did achieve what I sort-of set out to. It did mean that on mornings I had coffee out I also spent extra on eating breakfast out too. A valiant effort if I do say so myself.
  5. Catch Up On All Family Multi-Media
    Nope. No progress here.
  6. MOVE
    Nope. No progress here either. We just did another price reduction so we are being proactive. Fingers crossed it happens soon.
  7. Take Some Time For Myself Once A Week
    Good news- I DID make time to watch “You’ve Got Mail” and it was wonderful. I also went to the one yoga class. And, my sister and I hosted a sign workshop with some friends. That was about it though- But, three out of four weeks isn’t too bad, right?

hello fall

October doesn’t just mean earlier evenings and the first snow fall- It also means the start of Holidays! I am hosting Thanksgiving next weekend. Although my Mama will be here to help me I am going to make a point to do the whole turkey part myself. I’ve cooked turkey twice before in my kitchen, but both times I had assistance from a pro. This time I’m feeling confident enough to do it myself. Wish me luck!

I can start planning ahead for Christmas! Lots of exciting things coming up and plenty to share with you

Chat soon, friends.




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